Turn-key interiors

We manufacture custom interiors, kitchens, built-in cabinets, pergolas, bathrooms and other custom furniture.

We follow new trends in manufacturing and materials, innovations in production technology, forging; and we immediately incorporate them into our projects and common manufacturing process.

Turn-key interiors

What do we offer?

We focus not only on residential interiors, but also on commercial and office interiors. We can make any atypical furniture to order.

Your premises will be pleasant to stay in, fully functional and well-made to serve you for many years. Design is in our blood and we know how best to make your interiors fulfil the function of use and at the same time please the eye and create a feeling of peace, well-being and friendliness.

Leave everything in our hands and you will see for yourself that our work speaks for itself.

Výroba a realizace – moderní kuchyň v bílé, Vacenovice

Turnkey interiors

How does it work?

1. Interior design

It all just begins with the design. Based on the conversation with you, your wishes and the measurement of the actual spaces, we will propose a design that will correspond with your ideas, ergonomic parameters and at the same time will make feel comfortable, making you enjoy every moment living in the space as well as working in it.

We will finish work on the design stage only when you are one hundred percent satisfied with the design.

2. Material selection

After your approval of the design, we start the selection of the exact materials, production of the necessary samples and preparation of the technical documentation. With all technical formalities being solved and with project summary completed, we start the manufacturing process.

3. Production and delivery of other elements

The manufacturing of custom furniture takes place in our workshop in Rosice near Brno, where we work with various materials such as laminates, varnish, solid wood, veneer, metal or glass.

According to the requirements, we process solid wood or veneer by staining to the desired shades. We also provide all additional elements such as appliances, lighting, tiling, painting and electrical work. Just let us know what is needed.

4. Transport, assembly and realization

As part of the turnkey solution, we will arrange transport and assembly to ensure simple and fast installation process. Cleanliness and cleaning after work is a sure thing for us. When all is done, you can enjoy your new interior to the fullest.

Turnkey interiors

What about the price?

The price of the initial consultation is 1200 CZK excluding VAT + possible travel costs. The price for the overall project of a complex interior design solution is determined individually, according to the size and complexity of the job. Please contact us for an accurate calculation.

Indication of prices for designs

5000 CZK excluding VAT for one view of the room in 3D photographic quality. Depending on the size of the room and the number of angles required, the design for the entire room can cost 10 to 15,000 CZK excluding VAT.

Possible changes and alternatives are also considered. It is important to fine-tune everything in order to ensure your satisfaction and enjoyable living in the space afterwards.

3000 CZK excluding VAT for room sketch, layout and arrangement.

Návrh – luxusní byt s prvky zlaté, Praha

Photo by House of Darcy.

Design proposal free of charge

Our clients know that what we plan and draw together with them, we can manufacture ourselves in our workshop. They can thus rely on the complete delivery of a turnkey solution under the wings of one supplier and save time, costs and nerves; a great advantage over using different suppliers for a job.

In addition, when clients choose us to take care of the entire project and leave the implementation fully in our hands, they will not be charged for the design proposal.

What does the total price include?

  • Initial consultation or personal meeting
  • Measurements of the space
  • 3D design
  • Technical documentation

The price of a turnkey solution is determined individually according to the proposed design.

The pricing then includes all materials, fittings, transport, production, assembly, personal meetings during production, warranty.

You will not enjoy low prices when you receive low quality.


They said about us…

“It is always a pleasure to work with Lucie and her team on our projects in Prague. We have been working together for two years and we are definitely looking forward to continuing our cooperation in the coming years. Lucie always responds very quickly to my questions and e-mails that are most important to me which allows me to coordinate my projects quickly. In addition, prices are competitive and can be discussed, giving a realistic idea in advance whether we can really win projects together. I am very happy with our cooperation. “

Peggy Chieng, CreativeLab