About us

We are a manufacturing company consisting of professionals who firmly believe in open communication and long-term relationships with our clients. We believe in the power of precise human workmanship, an individual approach and, above all, in the fine-tuned and detailed realization of interiors.

What is ArtenLux about?

We focus on interior design and custom furniture manufacturing. We design and carry out complete reconstructions of commercial and residential spaces. We work together with other interior designers, architects or direct clients. We operate throughout the Czech Republic and within the EU.

We coordinate international projects from the creation of design, through direct production in our workshop in Rosice near Brno, selection of materials, provision of logistics services, including all mandatory technical documentation, to on-site supervision during installation.

If you are looking for a fully equipped and experienced team that can turn your visions into reality, we are here for you!

Our team

We firmly believe in open communication and long-term relationships with our clients based on absolute reliability and trust.

Our team offers a specialized infrastructure for providing services to local and international clients without restrictions to specific destinations. We adapt projects to your individual needs from the consultation and design phase, through direct production. Thanks to our “One call does it all” philosophy, our clients not only save their time, but also have above-standard results guaranteed.

Lucie Strechová - Jednatelka ArtenLux

Lucie Strechová

Managing Director


Lucie is a Managing Director, internal project- and PR manager and is the overall driving force of the entire company. She speaks several languages, lived in different countries and thanks to her profession travelled the world.

She loves organizing of all kinds, co-designing and furnishing interiors as well as woodwork.

That is why she prefers the direct manufacturing process of furniture and interiors. Books and the eternal desire to learn new things are an integral part of her.

Jiří Slavíček

Production Director


Jiří is our production director and he is the right man in the right place. His goal is, always to deliver well done work with high quality standards, which he can be proud of.

He is not afraid to combine different types of material, he can handle design drawing as well as its construction processing, and the overall result must always be perfect.

His strengths are versatility, accuracy, reliability and precision! He loves his job and takes every project with greatest responsibly.

Jiří Slavíček - Ředitel výroby ArtenLux
Tým ArtenLux na výstavní expozici

Jiří Merel

Workshop Director


Jiří is our workshop leader, carpenter and professional in his field.

He has been working in it for more than 20 years and the fact that he still enjoys work even after so many years can always be seen in a quality result.

He is responsible, precise, has a sense for detail and popularity in natural materials combined into a modern style.

Everything is invented, manufactured and the result is always worth it!

Our workshop